Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My personal Summary of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

A summary will kind of contain spoilers... duh

I think Skyrim is the game that I spent most time on since I spent a fair share of my teen years trading cowhides in the desert place on Runescape. Well that might actually not be quite true but it's a neat introduction sentence.

"I'd like to have half a litre of beer" - derpface
Turns out I kind of finished Skyrim a few days ago. Well the fact is I still didn't really finish this game because it's so... massive – I just finished most of the quests that were of my interest and of course the main quest. There were times when I just mounted one of my countless horses and rode towards the horizon – and there always was something new and exciting to find. Like this one time when I rode past a cave entrance and there was this wounded guy that asked me for help. So I spared one of my countless healing potions and then we went into the cave together to revenge his fallen comrades and we just straightforward killed every living thing that was left in there.

pictured: the bloodbath
I've played more than 150 hours now – did all the DLC-quests (well at least as much as I was allowed to -.-” you may read something on here about that sometime) – and I still didn't do many of the interesting quests that there are. I still didn't do the College of Winterhold questline (mostly because I hate mages) or the Companion questline and there are a lot of Daedra quests still waiting.
As a matter of fact I decided that I would skip most minor quests like clearing out random dungeons because I just have no space for more loot. I got a full set of Daedric Armor and Weapons, my follower (currently Serana, the vampire lady from the Dawnguard DLC...) is fully suited up for a major battle and what the hell man I just built a whole house with all kinds of furniture in it and I give my children 1000 gold as allowance. I've got so many horses that I started to lose track of the total number. And you know what? I don't even need them anymore because I can ride on dragons now. “But you would have to find a dragon first” you might say. Well no problem because they are f***ing everywhere.
This is one of the for me few flaws in Skyrim. You just get overpowered really fast. In some dungeons I just stand there in masses of draugr death overlords and don't even have to block... just press the attack button casually – everything will be fine. And even if the enemy is kind of strong, I as an alchemist have my countless healing potions to win the fight for me. Now with my greenhouse I even have constant supply of ingredients for my potions. And because I don't have to loot anymore (which is kind of difficult because I usually just can't leave anything of value in a dungeon -.-”) I can just pack myself full of potions. Oh and you never get limited on dragon souls either. You encounter a dragon almost every five minutes and after a while of playing they get insanely easy to kill.

beware of my insanely good drawing skills

Well my point is – it really gets way too easy way too fast. But actually I did not even care that much because it's just really fun to explore the world and going on adventures. I had so many fun moments and there were so many times when I stood there and just looked around and the scenery was great and awwww... There is so much to find even in places that are not really important. You should really go watch THIS video. And there are so many more interesting places and things to find. You can spend hours just riding along and picking flowers and catching butterflies. Well I can... because usually I find the most interesting adventures on my way.

But Bethesda – I really really used to curse you a lot. Some parts of the game are really buggy – and the worst part for me was of course that I could not finish the Dragonborn DLC. I will write something on that soon. That really pissed me off. Usually bugs don't really get to me like this but this one f***ed the whole DLC up for me. Thanks for that. Go patch this sh*t and go patch it so I can still finish it without having to start the whole f***ing quest again because I actually don't have a save before starting it. Big mistake, I know, but it was not intentional and I'm seriously pissed of at myself, too. But I will write something about that later.

Hermaeus mora my ass
Conclusion: I kind of played a fair share of time and I did not see most of the things I know from watching videos on youtube. I kind of missed out on the headless horseman and the bugs in jars and so many other things. I still want to see and do so many things in Skyrim – and I will spend much more hours going on adventures. Bugs and rage aside I really loved and do still love the sh*t out of this game and I will keep playing it in the future. But right now Assassins Creed is desperately waiting for me. And so is the new computer that I will be buying... and Minecraft... and umm... yeah still so many games to play :) But I'll play Skyrim again!!! And again and again and again. At least until The Elder Scrolls Online is released. Then I might have to drop out of university.

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