Thursday, January 3, 2013

Skyrim: The day I killed the parents of my son's pet

One day when I came home from one of my adventures my son came up to me and told me that he had made friends with a little skeever. He then asked me if he could keep it as a pet. Of course I agreed – this little bastard is really cute. I mean the skeever. And why the hell should my son not own a pet? His sister keeps Bran, the husky from Fort Dawnguard, that helped me a lot on the vampire quests. He's retired now and lives with my daughter. Maybe he can defend her against all the bandits and dragons that roam around my house. There once even was a giant standing in my backyard... Luckily my cow and my three chicken proceeded to kill him.
There are so many corpses lying around my house all the time and my wife and children don't even seem to care. But I digress...
So my son has his own little skeever buddy that always follows him and stands on his bedside when he sleeps. Kind of creepy... but cute creepy.

So I came home from an adventure once and my daughter ran to me and seemed kind of unsettled. She told me that there were monsters in the basement and that she was afraid to go down there. So I calmed her down and went inside the house to check the situation. Down in the basement were a lot of skeever roaming around and it seemed like my son was trying to fend them off with his wooden sword. So I unsheathed my daedric sword and killed all of the skeevers – some of them were not even aggressive. I took care to not accidentally kill my son's cute pet. Then when everything was dead my son went back up to his room. His pet however stayed there staring at the bloody corpses of his skeever brethren. Maybe there was a look of terror on his little skeever face. But I could not tell because I don't know what a terrified skeever looks like. He just kept standing there for a long long time.

A few days later I noticed that he went back to accompany my son again. Turns out all of the bodys in the basement were gone – just like corpses in Skyrim seem to vanish after a time (except the ones around my house -.-"). Or maybe my wife simply cleaned the basement.
I kind of felt really bad and guilty about this. So I placed some flowers in the basement and went on to find new adventures.

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