Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pokemon: The destruction of my childhood achievements

I think I got my first copies of Pokemon red and blue for christmas when I was kind of young. It might actually have been when I was 7 years old but I'm too lazy to think and to count backwards that much. I was young and I wanted to have Pokemon for christmas and I got it! I think this was as soon as Pokemon became popular in Germany.
And yes, I had both of them. But I started playing the blue edition first. My first Pokemon ever was my starter: Squirtle. And I loved him. After a while of playing I had an amazing team with an Elektabuzz and Articuno and I don't remember what else. I suppose Mewtwo because I've always been a huge fan of it. And of course my best one – Blastoise. Then I went on to playing the red edition where I cheated myself to getting dozens of Mewtwos (if you don't know how this works just ask) and then I played the yellow edition that I hated.

And then I played the silver and gold edition (any many after them but that would be in the future from the time of this story). But I always enjoyed playing with my old team again.
So then one time my cousin got Pokemon Stadium 2 for her Nintendo 64. We went on to play it every time that we had some kind of family meeting. So I transferred my beloved team of Pokemon from my blue edition to my silver edition to play with them on it as well.

I actually had Pokemon Stadium for my Nintendo 64, too, but Pokemon Stadium 2 had better mini games and I think you could even use your own Pokemon for these mini games when you had the right kind. And I really enjoyed playing with all my beloved Pokemon on my silver edition because it was just more convenient to have them all on one cartridge. Also it was great to take all my old friends on a new adventure.

So in Pokemon Stadium 2 there is this one action that you can do where you receive a gift once a day. We actually did that lots and lots of times. I think you could get dolls for your room and other stuff from this. 

But one time when I clicked on that option it gave me nothing else than intense pain as a present. 
It deleted my save file. 
Nothing could be done anymore. Everything was just dead and gone. It felt like my closest friends died that day. I cried for hours and days. But they never came back to me. I had to start all over but it never felt right. Not even a single bit.
And I still miss them because as sad as this may sound – they were my best childhood friends and I would love to just be able to put my cartridge in my old gameboy color and play with them again. 
But they are gone forever.

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