Thursday, January 17, 2013

Assassins Creed 2: Bartholomeo fail

It is kind of difficult to write about this because I don't remember it too well but I really wanted to write something about Assassins Creed. 
Now that I am at least a little bit free from my Skyrim-mania I want to go on with playing Assassins Creed because the 3rd part is out and I start to stumble upon stupid spoilers on the internet which I have to constantly ignore and the main reason: I really want to play this game. So there is this one Problem – I first have to play Assassins Creed: Revelations because I started Skyrim before getting it and I want to do everything chronological without missing too much on the whole storyline. So I ordered my copy a few days ago and now it's finally here.

But actually I want to write about Assassins Creed 2 now. I kind of liked the location and time of the first part more but I think I enjoyed playing the second part a little bit more. Everything just seemed just more comfortable to play and I liked the storyline a lot. Of course the enemies were still totally dumb and stuff but I was really sad when I had it completed and I missed playing it for weeks after. So now that I almost have my copy of Revelations in hand and can play again I start to get really excited and am thinking about the old times when I loved playing the other parts.

I remember this one incident where you had to do a quest where you rescue this guy named Batholomeo (or else XD) and then he has to follow you somewhere. So I had him follow me and I don't quite remember if you had to climb that tower or if I just wanted to because I kept obsessing about climbing every f***ing tower I had never climbed before when it happened to be near. So I climbed it and Bartholomeo followed me and when we were standing on a platform, I turned around to him and he was already standing kind of near to the edge. I just took one tiny step forward and Ezio just slightly raised his hand and that was enough to shove Bartholomeo into death and me into starting the quest all over again. It just looked that ridiculous that I could not stop laughing and I wasn't even mad about having to do everything again.

And now I can go on to be really excited to play again. Yay!!!

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