Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Minecraft - No sense of orientation

First of all I think I have to apologize for not writing something recently – at least to the very few people that might actually read my crap.
The fact is I've been away on a long long trip that was occasionally interrupted by the insanity of some of the stupidest people I know. The place where I have been is called Minecraft and I was trapped there for an impressive amount of time if you consider that I actually had important stuff to do in the real world because somehow a few people that I have to be acquainted with decided to lose their minds.

I really enjoy my new computer and all the nice stuff that I can do with it – and the Steam sales where I can't hold it when a game just costs about 3€. You might say now that I could have played Minecraft all along because it doesn't take much resources and I could have played it on my old notebook. Shut up. My notebook takes 10 minutes to start and about 5 minutes to open an office document. And it doesn't have a functioning keyboard anymore so I had to use a kind of shitty usb-keyboard since I was too cheap to buy a proper one. I still have to fix that thing but I have been too lazy for that.
this is me ... yup
Anyway – Minecraft got me now. Actually it's not so bad anymore because I started playing some other games in the last couple of days again. I will write about that some other time I guess.

Until I find somebody that might want to play with me, I am playing alone in Survival Mode on my own single player map. When I first started I died almost every ten minutes until I found out how to bury yourself in the night and mine and craft properly because I wanted to do everything without looking into the wiki-page. I built my first house with some wood and then went on to find more crafting materials. When it turned night again I could not find my house anymore. 
So I just buried myself and waited for the sun to rise. Then I embarked on an almost endless journey through deserts and jungles and after realizing that I maybe should mine some more and gather materials, I decided to build a second house on the foot of a huge mountain. 

I decorated it with red roses and even had a small terrace facing the ocean. It was really nice and I actually built my first chest there and stored some stuff before going outside again to find more wood for attempting to build a door. 
When I stepped outside I fell into a hole in the ground. I lived for some reason but now I was trapped in a cave and did not have much stuff yet to defend myself properly. So I started to dig my way out. When I finally reached the surface I went back to my house and closed the hole that I fell into. And when I finally took a few steps to the mountain where I wanted to dig my mineshaft, I fell into a hole again. But this time there was no way out because it was just too deep and well I actually don't know anymore. I was really pissed off so I just decided to explore the cave because I happened to have some torches with me and well I wanted to mine anyway. 

So when I dug my way out of this cave again, I did not know where the hell I was. I think I looked around for hours and hours before finally deciding to build my final house besides a beautiful mountain ridge and a big lake. And I stayed there and dug my own mineshaft in the back of my house all the way down to bedrock and built a tower with torches at the top so I could find my house more easily. And I had a bed which meant that my spawn point was now in my house. When I finally mined some redstone, nothing was a problem anymore because I now had a compass and after some exploring I realized that my original spawn point was just on the other side of the mountain ridge. That was actually the point where I eventually built my nether portal, too, so I could find it easily. Well and there was my first house, too. But I did not need this one anymore since it was just plain walls.

So this is my "house" now

with one of my cats derping around. the other 1230953245345 are in the cat house... yup... I said it... I got a cat house
So now I almost have everything right beside my house – chicken, sheep, pigs, cows, eight dogs, uncountable cats and a huge mineshaft with everything you would need. But I still like to explore the map some more since I now can find my way back without problems. So when I went on an adventure some time ago, I actually managed to find my second house again. Which should actually be next to impossible because the map is just too huge. Dam dam daaaaaam ^^

there it is... the bitch O_o
like it was waiting for me the whole time... it could have been awesome there... meh

But Survival Mode gets kind of boring now since I have everything and I am playing alone. So I started building some weird things like roller coasters and other redstone stuff in creative mode. But as it turns out playing alone is addicting at first but after a while of extensive playing you can escape from this addiction. I mean, its still awesome and a lot of fun but I can actually go to the toilet again before I am in intense pain and eat other stuff than food that only takes 2 minutes to prepare. 

And I can play some other stuff again too which I kind of have to since I recently bought Assassins Creed 3 and still have to finish the shitty Revelations before I am allowed to play (self proposed agony … ugh). I am actually not looking forward to the 3rd part anymore because I heard that it is unsatisfying and because Revelations was one of the worst games I ever played and I might actually have lost my faith in the whole franchise by now. But the 4th part is announced now (you should have heard that by now) and it has f-ing pirates. Pirates!!! *_* 
Plus I am still waiting to be able to finally play The Elder Scrolls Online! My social life is doomed. 



I have been very productive today ^^ my sense of productivity however seems to be kind of weird

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