Monday, March 18, 2013

To The Moon: Right in the Feels

Got it without any spoilers - YAY!

It's been a long time since I was really touched by a game and especially a game's ending. Don't get me wrong, there were some awesome games and game endings I was able to witness. But nothing kind of reached the epicness and touchiness of say... the death of Aerith in Final Fantasy VII. Seriously - nothing does. Even bringing this up does not really help my point. It was the most "wtf omg arghhh"-moment of my whole lifetime gaming experience. And I think it is for a lot of people. 
As I said I came across a lot of awesome stories and stuff and one of it was Heavy Rain. Yep... I liked the story of Heavy Rain – a lot. (Actually I did not play myself and instead just watched but that really does not matter that much with this game.)
What most people criticize is that it is not really a game in the conventional sense. It is more like a film where you get to press a few buttons once in a while and can interact more than while watching a movie. Well that is actually what makes it more awesome for me. It is a really good film where you get even more sucked into the story because you can interact yourself and in the case of Heavy Rain even change the course of the story.

But this post is not about Heavy Rain. It is about a game that I recently bought on steam and at first did not even install for a long time. 
The game is called To The Moon and I finally played it a few days ago because I was bored. And when I started playing I actually could not stop before having it finished because I really wanted to know how the story would progress. This “game” as you might or might not call it exactly falls into the category that I explained earlier. I can see why some people might not like this game because there is nothing left of real interaction. 
You can go around a small confined area and explore and every once in a while you get to solve an insanely easy puzzle in order to progress. I can understand why people would not like that. But I did not see it this way. It was more like an alternative way of passing along the story. It's like an interactive film more than a game and if you see it this way it is doing a very awesome job.
The story is breathtaking. It has absolutely everything from very fun moments (and a lot of references including Street Fighter, Pokemon, How I met your Mother and what not) to very sad or very creepy moments. And I loved all of it.

Well yeah... fun moments... or is it just my way too immature self?

Whoever wrote this story deserves all kinds of respect. You are a genius!

And the music! The f***ing music is so awesome that it had me from the first note. The piano theme is not only catchy but also very beautiful and complements the storyline so well that I think it played a very big role in making me love this game the way I did. I'm not only a self-titled graphics-whore but also a story and music whore. You can get me with this stuff all the time. That is why I still adore The Lion King and the Kung Fu Panda movies. Yep... I said it. I think I have to go kill something now to redeem my manliness that I did not even have from the start... Haaahhhh penis envy.

Actually in the end To The Moon made me feel a little bit too girly for my comfort because I could not stop crying for about half an hour after finishing. But does that really matter? This game could make a bear cry!
It would be nothing for all you guys that rate gameplay over story (which is not a bad thing but in some cases it just does not even matter) but I f***ing loved this game and it's story and if you got maybe up to two days or however long this game takes which I can't remember now (I would actually have to check how long I played now but I am way to lazy) of boredom left I absolutely would recommend playing this game or more experiencing this awesome shortstory for yourself.

Seriously – try it. You won't have to tell anyone if you cried at the end like I did. But I am officially allowed to do that because I unfortunately got a vagina. BAM!

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