Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skyrim: Fighting the bug

This post contains spoilers of the Dragonborn DLC for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – please do not read if you did not play this content yet and may want to play it sometime.

I already mentioned that I had my fair share of problems with the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim. I know that I'm not the only one that experienced this sh*t. Actually I don't know if this is already patched by now because I'm not playing Skyrim at the moment. And I was really that mad about all this that I did not want to hear anything about this stuff ever again.

First of all: I really loved the Dragonborn DLC because you get so many new locations and for me as a passionate alchemist very important – new ingredients :). The first thing I did on this island was collecting all of the new ingredients I could find – only to find out that most of them are completely useless. Oh well...

I was really interested in the main quest of the new content – so I skipped some of the still very interesting sounding quests, like the man-bear-pig-quest and stuff.
So I collected all these books and read them and did all this stupid library stuff. Actually this was quite awesome because the library looks epic and the enemies called Seekers also look really f-ing cool. And there are these Lurkers that kind of look like giant Falmer with whole fish-bodies as heads.

Actually I met Hermaeus Mora before because I did this one quest were you open this ancient dwarven door and then have to kill this old strange lunatic dude that helped you on the main quest. So I actually already swore allegiance to Hermaeus Mora. But he did not seem to recognize me.
People and other … erm entities seem to really have problems in remembering you the right way. Except this one argonian guy in the Bee and Barb that always tells me to f*ck off because I offended his bartender girlfriend in one of the thieves guild quests before.

One day I started the last part of the main DLC quest and I saved over my other save file because I did not think anything bad would happen. Some time later I had to face Miraak in an epic battle.
I shouted at the dragon with the massive jaw so he would let me mount him. This actually looks really stupid because the textures on the dragon are really badly done and not as detailed as on every other dragon or yourself. You can see that really well on the loading screen where you see the model of Miraak sitting on Mr. Bigjaw Dragon.
Also flying on a dragon ist not that epic as I thought it would be because you can't really tell your dragon where to fly and when you tell it that you want to land or stuff it does not really know where and just finds its own place to land which is really stupid if there are just two islands in this green sea in the library and there is a 50:50 chance of landing on the wrong island. They could have done this whole dragon flying thing much better I think... but I digress...

So then I finally managed to get my poorly texturized big jawed dragon to land on the right island where Miraak was waiting for me. Then a fight started and this ass is f-ing weak. Actually he is that weak that I could have killed him with just 5 to 7 strikes. But he did not let me do it.

As I understand it this fight should work the way that he consumes the souls of his three dragons one by one and heals himself with them. So everytime when I got him low enough to heal himself he would turn etheral and could not be wounded anymore. He then would always proceed to kill off his one dragon and then he would just stand there – a long long time. I could not wound him anymore and he would not come out of his etheral state. So I loaded my save-file from before.

And I tried again and again and again. I tried all of the many ways the internet told me to try and more. Nothing would help – it would just be all the same again.

I first tried killing of all dragons before wounding Miraak himself – but he would just turn etheral and call his dragon and then just wait because the dragon was already dead.
I tried doing just a small amount of damage with one strike by fighting with my bare hands but it did not work.

I tried hiding from Miraak so he would come out of his etheral state which he did but that also did not work.
I think I fought against this bug for 4 or 5 hours straight. And then I just did not want to try anymore and left all of the Dragonborn DLC content behind.
Remember that I could not load a save file from before starting the quest because i saved over it before... big mistake by me and I know that. The one that I had was really far away in the past so I choose to just play on the mainland and sh*t on the DLC content. Well... at least I have my very own Riekling army... "Belifakathoooookawa."

I was actually really pissed off because I could not even do the man-bear-pig-quest. The guy that I should talk to about it just told me to revenge his clan leader... which I can't f-ing do. WTF

Manbearpig saaaaad :(
Bye bye Dragonborn DLC – you seemed fun but in the end you pissed me off until I wanted to bash something fragile with a baseball bat.
Thanks Bethesda...
Maybe it is patched by now but maybe this would still not help me and my save-file where the quest is already started. Meh.

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