Sunday, February 17, 2013

Donkey Kong Country: Childhood memories revived

So as it turns out I bought a new gaming pc. My first of my very own! It's like a lifelong dream come true. It was very expensive but I inherited some money from my grandma.
Now I have an ultimate power gaming PC!
So I started playing Donkey Kong Country again on a SNES emulator on my netbook. (Yeah... wtf XD)
I think it must have been way over 5 years since I last played this game. I loved it when I was a kid but someday my brother took his Super Nintendo into his own room and I could not play anymore because I did not have my own. Still having the N64 was enough for me though.
Now I came around Donkey Kong Country again and I am really impressed by my memory. I still remember what to do in every level (at least the first ones that I played so far).
I even still remember when to jump in that mine car level maybe because I loved this level and played it a lot. 

It's amazing how I somehow still remember how long that beaver in a millstone will follow you in that one level and I still can't remember anything I have had to learn whilst doing my bachelor degree course. But that's not as bad as it sounds because I really did not learn anything that I would need for my masters degree.Duh...
Anyhow I am kind of suffocating in games right now because I got steam on my computer and stuff. Too bad that I don't have much time to play because I still have exams and such things... But the time will come...

Oh yeah and sorry for not writing and stuff... exams... yay -.-"

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