Friday, March 1, 2013

Bastard Tetris: My new nemesis

I moved into a new appartment today so I am kind of exhausted. So I thought: Why not play a little game of Tetris to calm my nerves (yeah right). I actually wanted to play Mario Kart on my SNES Emulator but since I had to install Linux all over again on my Netbook I don't have it installed yet and did not really want to bother much. I needed something instant so I just had a quick look into the Software-Center and searched for Tetris. I chose the one with the funny name.
It is called Bastard Tetris and it is called that for a reason.

Oh look, I built a skyscraper O_o
On the Tetris Wiki I read (after playing angrily for a long time) that this game chooses the blocks exactly based on what you need or can fit in the least. So I was right you SCHEISS BEHINDERTES ARSCHLOCHSPIEL!!!! (<- yay for German swearing)
After a while of extensive swearing I thought that this game might be worth it to write about on here. Especially since I don't have much else to write about now because I had to move and could and can not play anything that needs a bigger screen than my netbook has for at least some days now. Plus I still need Internet in my new appartment. Assassins Creed Revelations sucks by the way but that's a different story... and I can't play it anyway because my PS3 and my TV are sleeping in their pretty little boxes waiting to be unpacked once again... Same with every game that I bought on steam so far for my PC. Soon my little friends - soon you will be free again.
Until then I will be lying here playing f-ing Bastard Tetris and swearing my head off because I'm hating it so much. Actually I always kind of sucked at playing Tetris... but this is insane. F*ck you Bastard Tetris >:-(

and f*ck you white blocks!!!

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