Sunday, March 10, 2013

Skyrim: Exiting Whiterun without actually exiting Whiterun

Someone once said that a part of the fun while playing Skyrim is because of the massive amount of bugs and glitches. Sounds funny but actually I can relate. Sometimes things happen that are just so stupid and all these random unintentional situations make me laugh all the time. You could say that this stuff actually makes the gameplay experience somewhat better – as long as it doesn't get too annoying or f***s up some quests for you on your saved game... which it sometimes did for me.

I actually had to reload more than ten times while doing the Dark Brotherhood questline (which I loved) when you are in the Nightmothers coffin because the game always crashed. Fortunately I read that this bug is fixed now. I could not find out if the Miraak bossfight bug is fixed by now but do I really care anymore?

Yes I f***ing do... But I don't want to try anymore before I know because I don't want to end up sitting there for 5 hours again trying to get it right... I still really want to do the manbearpig quests even though I don't really play Skyrim anymore.
Yeah... f*ck you Miraak!
Okay so now I wrote a lot but nothing that really fits the headline. So let me get to my point.
Me and my fellow Stormcloaks (yes, go f*** it stupid Imperials) just conquered Whiterun, everything was burning but all was good. So I had to go back to Windhelm and talk to Ulfric or something. In order to do that I first had to exit Whiterun. But somehow the wall around the big gate in front was not there anymore. So I thought to myself: Yeah I can just go outside without having that annoying loading screen! Awesome!
Because you see, I play on Xbox360 and the longer you play the longer the loading screens get. That is one thing why I chose to not play anymore – at least my main character. Sometimes a loading screen can be up to 3 minutes long...
Shit! I forgot something inside the f-ing house -.-"
So I exited Whiterun by going around the gate and before me there was nothing. Well, actually there was an endless Grassland without trees or anything really. In the distance there were a few trees. But it did not look anything like the grassland that actually is outside of Whiterun.
I walked around trying to reach the end but I think it was endless. Sometimes I was hovering above the ground and sometimes I was just swimming in it. 
I guess this was the area around that you might see when you are in Whiterun in a high place or something. So I exited Whiterun without actually exiting Whiterun. Using the gate did work but who would use a door when you can just go around it?

Actually this all makes sense that there is an area around that you can see but are not supposed to go to. I get that because I am not stupid. But I thought it was fun to go there anyway.
Yes shame on me but I actually enjoy stuff like this. Boohoo...

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